Robb Campre

I have committed over 25 of years to the change and development of opportunities to enhance capacity to the Indigenous communities in western Canada. Robb’s focus has been through education, arts/culture, athletics and business development to better the lives and communities he has worked with. I am a former professional athlete where I gained success in playing professional football with the Edmonton Eskimos in the mid 80’s from this I gained the mentoring and leadership skills that allowed me to break away from the poverty cycle, that many of our indigenous peoples come from unfortunately, and create a world for myself that allowed me to grow my foundation as an urban indigenous youth that grew up in extreme poverty to be a role model and mentor to many indigenous youth today. I have focused my efforts in three key areas Community Development, Economic Development and Arts/Culture over the years I have consumed my time and effort to be a change agent in our community by bridging gaps that exist in a socio economic disparity between indigenous communities and the mainstream to create a space of engagement that allows for better recognition of our great history and culture from the indigenous communities that go back thousands of years.