To achieve our mandate of raising awareness of Alberta’s contributions and challenges, Fairness Alberta seeks to establish itself as both a source of reliable and accessible information as well as effective and strategic communications.

To begin, we are launching a billboard in Ottawa and an accompanying online advertising campaign in Ottawa, the Greater Toronto Area, and Alberta.  We plan to extend this awareness campaign to other centres across the country as support grows.

We will initially emphasize the fiscal contribution of Albertans to the rest of Canada, as exemplified by the $324 billion net transfer from Albertans since 2000. This, as well as a social media campaign, will also direct Canadians open to our message to this website, which will be the primary means of informing a broad group of people.

Over time, our website will provide background and insight on more and more issues, presented through accessible documents as well as short videos, podcasts, and links to informative sources in the news and think-tanks. We will also be available to reinforce and highlight these messages through the media.

What sets Fairness Alberta apart is our focus on informing Canadians – through clear and factual analysis and in a non-partisan manner – about why a strong Alberta is so important to the rest of Canada, and the kinds of reforms needed at this critical time.