Scott Ellis

Treasurer & Chair of Finance Committee, Fairness Alberta


I am a graduate of the University of Alberta whose has lived over 55 years in Alberta, in various locations and with different roles and varying levels of responsibilities. My education and experience has been in the financial and accounting field, in service related sectors including transportation, health care and the public sector. I am retired now, but prior to my retirement was the Director of Financial Management and Administrative Services and SFO for the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for a combined total of 17 years.

I am married to my wife Connie (38 years) and have 4 children and 2 grandchildren. I am proud to call Alberta home and want to see Alberta prosper to the benefit of all Albertans and Canadians, as it has in years past, largely without acknowledgement by my fellow Canadians and our Federal Government. I want change to ensure that my family, all Albertans and Canadians have a safe and prosperous future. I have joined and supported Fairness Alberta to that end.